Sunday, 1 July 2012

Gemstone genius!

I created these nail designs the other day,
 i find that sticking on small diamonds always fall off all the time.
Firstly, when doing your nails file them if needed, then what i always do is soak them in warm soapy water to clean them so the nail polish lasts longer.
Next neaten your cuticle and apply a base coat to your nails, you are now ready to start!

1. Apply a coat of red nail polish (or any colour you like)
2. Make two vertical lines and two horizontal lines on the nail like whats shown, (like a square with the corners cut off)
3. join all the lines together to create an octagon.
4. from each corner of the octagon make eight lines.
5. with some white nail polish create a small star like the ruby is sparkling and if you like you can put some glitter polish on the star for extra bling!
6. Now, apply your top coat and your ready to go!

This is how mine turned out, i used three different colours on my nails, red, green and purple.