Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hellooo! :D


Hello Everybody! Hope you all had a good weekend!
I had a very long and tiring one, We had an all nighter in our school!.
It was great fun, we were doing a sponser soccer marathon for our trip to Gambia which is 25 days away!!!!!!

This is a link to an irish fashion designer i know from Wexford, i think her work is amazing,
and you can see it for yourself on her FB page. :)


I have to finsh a geography project now, which is not going good..

Maeve, xxx


  1. Your nails look so cool :)

  2. Wow you're really good at nails! You should film and post a tutorial on your blog, I love watching nail videos. :)
    Kate x

    1. Thank You! Im not that big into doing videos but i might try it some time :Dxxx

  3. Such a beautiful and colorful naildesign!! Think it is really a good idea and I love the floral details! Eyecatcher!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  4. This nail art looks so fun and really perfect for spring :)


  5. These nails are perfect for spring! I absolutely love em!

    I love your photos! So artistic, detailed and clear! I really enjoyed my blog walk through your blog :) I just followed you on GFC, looking forward to more posts from you :) Hope you can come by my blog for a visit and maybe follow me too? Thank you and more power to you!



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