Tuesday, 13 November 2012

DIY Baby pins

So i had these really cut glass beads that I had for months and I never got to use. I didn't know what I could make with them; earrings would be too heavy with them, I didn't have anything handy to make bracelets/necklaces with. So in the end I was stuck with this... baby pins.
It was very trick to unwind the pin and then wind it back, as you can see it didn't wind back the way it originally was. I also changed the colour of the pin with sharpie markers :P. 
This only took me 5 minutes to make one!, you should try it!!


  1. Uau! It was so original! Congratulations beauty!


  2. Thank you so much dear, for following me *-*
    I'm following you back!
    Love the baby pins *-*


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