Sunday, 30 December 2012


Christmas was Amazing this year! and I got loads of cool pressies to show you! 
With my Christmas money and vouchers I got lots of clothes-In sale, Whoop Whoop! (which i still have to show you) and the perfume Dot by Marc Jacobs, I'm so happy with them!!
I also got loads of books this year: Where were you?, Stencil style 101, Bobbi Brown beauty rules, The Sartorialist-closer and lego ideas ( i love lego!)
I got lots of little pieces of jewelry from my brother and cousins and the hair clip with a Ruby Rouge voucher from my Mam and Dad (My favorite present!-Thank you!)
And Face masks, lip balms, make-up and purses, 
DVDs and... Chocolate...unfortunatly it's all gone now :(

Hope you all had an AMAZING Christmas!!
Lots of love, Maeve xx


  1. Wow you got loads, and I love the collage you made! Happy New Year! xox :)

  2. Love the collage - The Marc Jacobs perfume looks so cool Happy New Year !

  3. Hi Maeve, I'm so happy I came across your blog, you're the first Irish blogger I've came across :) and your blog is so cheerful and colorful. Feel free to check out my blog and we can follow each other on bloglovin if you'd like..

    1. Reall?!! Thats so cool, thanks! :D xx


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