Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hey! :P

#1 Sorry I haven't posted in AGES!
#2 It was my birthday yesterday and I have to show you the amazing pressies I got!
#3 Ty is almost over :'(  (WAH!) I'll show you my scrapbook though ;)
#4 I'll try blog more :P

Today is nothing special :P I'll have loads more uploaded (hopefully next week!)

So I did this Ages ago and i'm not sure if i already put this up....
I don't normally put diamondy things on my nails cause they always fall off :P


  1. Your nails are so pretty ! Happy belated birthday :D xx

  2. Your nails look lovely, I've always liked the idea all keeping them pretty and plain, then going decorative on the fourth nail. Hope you had a great birthday yesterday. Just found your blog...I'm your newest follower! :') x Olwyn

    1. Thank you!, I'll follow you back ;) xox


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