Tuesday, 28 May 2013

How much does your face cost?

Hi, So I was flicking through a couple of blogs and a particular post caught my eye. A girl wanted to see how much she was spending on make-up that she put's on her face every day, she spent $155 (€119.89)! I thought WHAT!? thats a crazy amount of money to be spending on your face (and by the sound of it a lot of make-up too!) So today I'm sharing with you what I spend on my face,
I wouldn't use these every day, so they last me a good while....

1. Nivea visage mattifying gel cream - about €5
2. Johnson's baby wipes - €1 (why spend about a fiver for 20 wipes when you can get 56 for €1? And achieve that smoother than a baby's bottom feel with the actual product used by babies everywhere!...)
3. Neutrogena spot stress control - About €7
4. Essence waterproof mascara - €2
5. Catrice eyeshadow - €2 
6. Clean&Clear -  €6ish
7. Vaseline - €1.50 Ahhh good old vaseline you never fail me.... 

All together now!
€24.50! Wow Thats around 25% of what is paid by the other blogger....

Get the Lon(Wexford) look! :P
My Face of the day..... the most normal looking one :P

Me and my BFFL Cáitlín xox


  1. Hey, this is a real interesting post.. A bit of a shocker too- am definitely gonna try adding my stuff up one of these days!! Just discovered your blog there and it's great- I never seem to find too many Irish ones. I've got one though its kinda tweaked in the sense that it's in the Irish language- though if you like Irish it'd be amazing if you'd check it out

    1. Thank you! will definitly take a look :)


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